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Causes of Low Female Libido and Ayurvedic Sex Pills for Women

Causes of Low Female Libido and Ayurvedic Sex Pills for Women

Major Causes of Low Female Libido

Low libido is mostly the outcome of lesser energy levels and poorly functioning reproductive system of females. Due to menstrual irregularities and physical issues, unhealthy lifestyle and poor immunity, women have certain issues which develop silently and wipe-off fun and pleasure during lovemaking to make a woman frigid. Amongst most common causes of low female libido, problem of vaginal dryness is the top one. Female’s genital passage remains moist always to stay free from infectious agents and harmful substances.

During arousals, female body stimulates mucous glands in the passage and provides more fluid secretion to promote lubrication. This lubrication facilitates penetration and makes lovemaking exhilarating. But females due to menstrual problems, hormonal disturbances and poor health suffer with inactive mucous glands which keep genital passage dry. These glands are unable to provide optimum lubrication on arousal and make penetration painful and highly unpleasing.

These problems are common causes of low female libido as these wipe-off all the fun and cause severe discomfort to take away interest from lovemaking. Dryness in genital passage also makes passage prone to suffer with infections, whereas moistness in the passage maintains healthy PH balance of vagina which prevents bacteria and other infectious agents from breeding and growing.

Due to lesser fluid secretion, this PH balance is gone and bacteria and other agents can grow in the region easily to cause infections. Once infections settle in, a woman suffers with excessive discharge which may have repelling smell too. Excessive discharge or leucorrhoea is another one of the major causes of low female libido.

Lesser flow of blood, surgeries and childbirth are other causes of low female libido. Not only these factors strain a woman’s body but also promote laxity in walls of female’s genital passage. Laxity in the walls of passage causes looseness in the grip and reduces sensation during lovemaking. Loose walls of vagina prevent a woman from gaining climaxes and make lovemaking useless and dull. These are other popular causes of low female libido. Women having lesser flow of blood towards their genital region do not get aroused during foreplay.

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The lesser sensation prevents them from gaining optimum arousals and lubrication. Surgeries also deteriorate nerve functions and make walls lax to reduce a female’s libido. Psychological issues like anxiety, fear, guilt, fear of pregnancy, etc., also stop a female from gaining focus to enjoy bedtime activities and reduce her fun to gradually wipe-off her desire. Low physical energy, anemia, low immunity, stress and poor nerve functions all are causes of low female libido. Apart from these issues, aging also causes frigidity in women. Menopausal women are generally reluctant in bed due to dryness, weakness, anxiety and mood swings.

Ayurvedic Herbal Sex Pills for Women

Fantasy capsules are herbal female libido pills which provide holistic cure to the problem of frigidity. These Ayurvedic sex pills for women work for women of all ages and provide relief in a short time. Herbal female libido pills possess herbs which regulate hormonal secretion and maintain their balance; these herbs secrete estrogen and progesterone hormone in proper balance so that a female gains sound and healthy reproductive system and organs. These herbal female libido pills also eliminate issues like dryness and weak tissues which cause low libido.

Some of the herbs used in these Ayurvedic sex pills for women enhance flow of blood towards female genital region. These herbs promote tissue strength and maintain healthy functions of mucous glands. These also strengthen walls of female’s genital passage and make them supple and firm. These benefits prevent infections, cure dryness and promote intense arousals by stimulating nerve functions.

Herbal female libido pills promote optimum lubrication to facilitate smooth penetration, intensify pleasure during lovemaking and bring intensely exhilarating climaxes back to back. All these advantages heighten a female’s interest in lovemaking and cure low libido problem naturally.

Fantasy Capsules

Ayurvedic sex pills for women promote higher energy and stamina and fight back stress. These herbal female libido pills keep a woman energized and ready to enjoy bedtime activities. Ayurvedic sex pills for women supplement nutrients in bioavailable form and eradicate issues like anemia, indigestion, lesser appetite, etc., which reduce energy and cause lethargy and tiredness to cause frigidity. The herbal ingredients of these pills provide calm and relaxed mind and reduce intensity of menopausal symptoms. These also keep a female free from symptoms of menopause like night sweating, mood swings, dryness, lethargy and anxiety to keep her love-life active and fun-filled.

Those suffering from disorders like thyroid problems or menstrual irregularities also gain immense relief by using these Ayurvedic sex pills for women.

The hormonal balancing properties of these pills relieve menstrual problems and also treat issues like insomnia, anxiety and mood swings to keep a woman physically and mentally healthy and active in bed. These also curb urinary disorders, frequent UTI and allergies. These pills reignite passion and lust in relationship and make a woman anticipate sex by making it highly pleasing and satisfactory.

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