Penile Injury Due To Rough Masturbation, Ayurvedic Treatment


Mujhe hand practice ki habit hai. Mujhe kuch time se erection ke waqt pain aur discharge karte waqt jalan hoti hai. Yeh takleef itni hai ki main sex karne se darta hun or mujhe apne penis mein curve bhi dikhta hai. Please suggest ayurvedic treatment for penile injury due to rough masturbation?

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Kushal Goyal

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  1. You have injured your male organ by doing excessive masturbation. During hand practice, a male grips his organ so tightly sometimes that it damages delicate tissues and nerves of it. Some males press their organ during ejaculation to prolong duration of pleasure which damages urinary canal from which semen flows out. All these injuries can prevent a male from performing in bed and cause severe discomfort during lovemaking. The curve in male organ can pose difficulties in penetration and also prevent complete and forceful ejaculation which further minimizes a male’s chances of achieving fatherhood. We would suggest that you use NF Cure and Shilajit capsules and massage male organ using Mast Mood oil regularly for few months. The capsules possess bunch of highly beneficial herbs which will improve energy levels in body and heighten stamina and strength. These also possess herbs which specifically reenergize male reproductive system and repair damages caused to tissues, nerves and organs. In short duration of use, you will gain optimum support from body to recover from ill-effects of masturbation and repair damages caused by this habit.

    Mast Mood oil possesses herbs and herbal oils which seep through skin and dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow. Higher blood flow brings nutrition and oxygen and speeds-up process of cell generation. Cells generating at faster pace strengthen tissues and repair damaged ones. These replace dead tissues with new ones and cure penile curvature problem. This oil by strengthening tissues and nerves promotes powerful erections without any pain and allows a male to make love for longer duration. Herbs present in this oil diffuse swelling and heal injuries in urinary canal or muscles of male organ. Males by using this oil get relief from penile curvature problem, gain powerful and bigger erections and increase their ejaculatory force. This oil allows a male to make love in multiple sessions and bring his female partner to mind-blowing climaxes. You can purchase these supplements online. Order over company’s website for the best quality and get these within 3-5 working days at your home. Easy payment options are available and you can pay through cheque or DD or you can pay on delivery. Options like cash deposit are also available.

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