Shighrapatan Ka Gharelu Upchar


Main Shighrapatan se pareshan hun aur kisi doctor ke pass nahi jaana chahta hun. Kya asa koi Shighrapatan ka gharelu upchar hai jise main bina kisi ko bataye le saku?

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Girish Lokhande

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  1. There is a wonderful Ayurvedic treatment to cure premature ejaculation (Shighrapatan) which you can use at your convenience of home without anyone else coming to know about it. This treatment is provided by Lawax capsules and Lawax oil, all you need to do is consume one or two pills of Lawax on daily basis twice in a day and also massage your male organ with oil twice. With this simple treatment you can not only resolve Shighrapatan fast but you will also gain much improved potency and lovemaking abilities. You do not need to go anywhere to buy these supplements. Simply order these products from company’s website and do the payment on delivery or through cash deposit, cheque, DD or NEFT. You will get the delivery within 3-5 working days right at your doorstep.

    Lawax capsules possess herbs which provide a male higher potency and vitality. These pills eradicate weaknesses in body and reproductive system which cause early discharge or Shighrapatan. Within short duration of use male gains energized reproductive system and powerful and active nerves which provide him control to delay his ejaculation as long as he wishes to. Lawax capsules elevate energy levels of reproductive system and also rejuvenate all the organs of body. By gaining strong organs and reproductive system, a male becomes capable of gaining powerful erections in a flash and make sensational love in multiple sessions. Powerful organs produce semen in higher volume and healthy and motile sperms in higher number which enhance a male’s potency and also make his climaxes exhilarating. When males discharge higher semen volume they gain waves of pleasure for longer duration. Massages with Lawax oil further enhance positive effects of capsules and this oil works within a few minutes of use. Males after using this oil gain intense arousals and rock hard erections and on regular use they can achieve longer staying power and considerable increase in their size of erections. All these benefits not only resolve the problem of Shighrapatan but also make a male an amazing lover in bed.

    Males due to poor diet, lifestyle or bad habits like masturbation, smoking and alcoholism generally suffer with Shighrapatan. Ageing, too much eroticism, drug use, health conditions and medication also reduce their ability to hold back ejaculation. Lawax capsules and oil are capable of resolving PE problem due to any of these causes and bless a male with renewed vitality, virility and potency.

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