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Main bahut jaldi discharge ho jaata hun, isko rokne ke liye maine bahut tarah ki exercises ki aur medicines li, par kuch bhi fayda nahi hua. Please mujhe shighrapatan ko kaise roka jaye iska koi kaargar treatment bataein?

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  1. There are many methods which are useful in stopping early discharge (Shighrapatan). These include PE exercises which help you in training your muscles to stop flow of semen and some methods like breaking your focus while you are about to discharge during lovemaking etc., but yes all these help only in minor problem of premature ejaculation. If there are weaknesses and debilities in body or reproductive system, a male needs holistic treatment to gain relief which is only possible through herbs.

    We recommend Lawax capsules and Vital M-40 capsules as the most powerful Ayurvedic supplements which very effectively eradicate weaknesses and cure disorders to not only provide holistic Shighrapatan treatment but also bless a male with renewed vitality, virility and vigour. You can purchase these herbal supplements easily. Firstly visit company’s website for genuine products and make the payment using numerous easy to pay options like COD, NEFT, cash deposit, cheque and DD and you will surely get delivery within 3-5 working days.

    Lawax capsules and Vital M-40 capsules possess herbs which address all the possible causes of premature ejaculation (Shighrapatan). These supplements rejuvenate male reproductive system and also strengthen nerves. The powerful and strong reproductive system and active nerves in turn delay a male’s ejaculation and prolong his duration of lovemaking. These pills also maintain flow of energy during arousal and in normal state to reenergize all the reproductive organs, improve testicular functions and prostate functions and repair the damaged tissues and nerves. Within short duration of use, male gains much improved potency and virility and becomes capable to perform intensely in bed. The all-round effects of these supplements cure problems like low libido, soft erections, poor energy and lesser sensation. These allow a male to perform lovemaking in multiple sessions and increase volume of semen and sperm count to boost-up his potency.

    Vital M-40 capsules possess nutritive herbs which remove deficiencies and keep a male high on stamina and strength. Stronger males remain active in bed by maintaining strong reproductive system and stay away from disorders like Shighrapatan, low libido, erectile dysfunction, etc., in future as well. By using these supplements, males can lead a pleasurable love-life and provide maximum satisfaction to their female partner.

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