Shighrapatan Se Bachne Ke Upay


Kya Shighrapatan se bachne ke upay hain? Aur agar yeh problem kisi ko hai to isko kaise treat kiya jaye?

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Tanmay Vora

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  1. Yes, there are ways to stay away from premature ejaculation (Shighrapatan) and maintain ability to provide maximum satisfaction to the female partner. Due to growing age, diet and lifestyle, every male becomes physically weak which gets reflected over his reproductive system and performance in bed. Premature ejaculation can also happen in the healthy males. Health issues, medications and intake of harmful foods and drinks like alcohol, etc., are common causes which lead to premature ejaculation. Bad habits like hand-practice, too much eroticism or coition also weaken nerves and reproductive system to cause premature ejaculation. Using Ayurvedic supplements to maintain vitality and potency is the best way as these are free of side effects and can enhance vitality and energy levels naturally. Lawax capsules and Lawax oil are two such Ayurvedic supplements which not only cure and prevent Shighrapatan but also bless a male with unfading virility and vitality and keen vigour to make love.

    Lawax capsules supplement wide range of nutrients and remove deficiencies in the body. These increase energy production and provide optimum support to all the systems and organs of the body to enhance a male’s vitality. These pills also promote healthy hormonal secretion in proper balance and provide a male upbeat physical and mental health. By promoting secretion of hormones, these maintain healthy levels of testosterone hormone and keep reproductive functions sound and upbeat. Lawax oil further improves the effects of capsules and works fast to provide positive results. This oil dilates blood vessels and enhances flow of blood during normal state and arousals. Higher blood flow supplies more nutrition and keep reproductive organs healthy and strong. It also energizes nerves which enhance sensation and provide control over ejaculation. This oil regenerates cells at a faster pace and enlarge tissues of male organ naturally. Stronger and bigger tissues provide rock hard erections and even increase the size of erections. Males with higher physical energy, strong nerves and reproductive system stay active in bed for longer period in life and enjoy their love life to the fullest.

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