How to Solve Issue of Irregular Periods in a Natural Way?


My wife has irregular periods like once in two to three months. Her weight is 88 kgs. Her height is 5’8″. Please let me know if you need further details.

How to Solve Issue of Irregular Periods in a Natural Way?
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  1. Weight is an important factor in regulating menstrual cycle. She should try to reduce some weight to get her body system in optimum state. A fibre-rich low fat diet along with daily exercise for 30 to 45 minutes will be beneficial in her case.

    Also, get her thyroid test done from your nearby diagnostic centre because uncontrolled thyroid level is also a common reason behind irregular periods. In the meanwhile, we suggest your wife to take a regular course of MCBC capsules for minimum 4 months to regularize her periods. These are purely Ayurvedic formulation that improve women health in several ways.

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    In case, she is diagnosed with thyroid problem, she can take Thyronil capsules which is an exceptional herbal blend to improve thyroid functioning and to manage thyroid levels naturally.

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