Unable To Satisfy My Wife In Bed. Please Help


I take lot of time in gaining erection, sometimes these are so weak that I have to try hard to penetrate and on top of it, I discharge quickly leaving my wife unsatisfied and disappointed most of the times. Please help with fast and effective Ayurvedic treatment that can save my marriage.

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Gautam Saluja

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  1. Your problems are interrelated. Males who take time to gain erections generally discharge early because they get too excited. Root cause of your problem lies in your reproductive system which is crying for energy and nerves which have become lethargic and weak. We recommend Masti capsules and King Cobra oil which are the most effective Ayurvedic supplements which in short time will improve quality of erections and will prolong duration of lovemaking by rejuvenating your reproductive system. Masti capsules supplement nutrients to remove deficiencies and enhance energy production. These also regulate even flow of energy all over body and boost-up functions of systems of body including reproductive system. These promote healthy hormonal balance and elevate levels of testosterone hormone. This hormone increases male’s libido and make him get aroused quickly. This hormone also promotes powerful erections in a flash and regulates regular flow of energy during lovemaking to hold erection for longer duration. These pills support testicular functions and treat disorders related to prostate gland to boost-up a male’s potency. All these benefits make a male an intense lover in bed capable of providing maximum satisfaction to female partner and make her attain climax few times in each session.

    Massage with King Cobra oil shows positive results right from day one which keeps on improving with every passing day. This oil enhances strength of erections, allows a male to gain back to back erections and also delays his ejaculation to prolong duration of lovemaking. This oil increases size of erections and makes a male penetrate better and deep. Use of this oil along with Masti capsules brings faster results and blesses a male with renewed virility, potency and vitality. King Cobra oil increases force of ejaculation and prolongs a male’s duration of climax to make lovemaking an exhilarating experience each time. You can get these supplements easily. Visit company’s website and place your order which you will get supplied within 3-5 working days right at your doorstep. There are easy payment options like COD, NEFT, DD, cheque and cash deposit for your convenience. Due to herbal nature of these supplements, you need not worry about side effects at all.

    To know more about Masti capsules and King Cobra oil kindly visit here: https://www.holisticayurveda.in/product/ayurvedic-treatment-increase-sex-time-men/

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