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Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain

Leanness or anorexia is serious problem which can be source of many health disorders too. Too much thin people suffer with weak musculoskeletal system which can make them immobile and inactive much earlier in age, plus thinness is also sign of weak metabolism which creates scarcity of nutrients in body and raise internal malfunctions and diseases. FitOFat capsules are Ayurvedic medicines for weight gain.

It is not healthy to put on weight by adding fat, healthy weight gain is different than simple weight gain, Ayurvedic medicines for weight gain provide healthy weight which gives body strength, fitness and longevity. Weight of bones and muscles is considered as healthy to add bulk to body. Higher muscle mass and denser bones provide body stability, endurance and agility, FitOFat capsules by virtue of their powerful and nutritive herbs provide strong and fit body in a short time and solve problem of leanness.

Body needs supply of nutrients in proper amount regularly to generate tissues. These tissues replace worn-out and weak tissues of organs, muscles and bones. People suffering with leanness generally have weak metabolism which either reduces dietary intake to cause deficiencies or is unable to digest and absorb nutrition provided through diet to cause deficiencies and slow down generation of tissues. Slow generation of new tissues leaves a person with thinner bones, weak and feeble organs and low muscle mass to promote weak, thin and fragile body.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Increase Muscle Mass

Ayurvedic medicines fulfil body’s nutritional requirements and speed-up metabolism. These promote faster generation of tissues and add bulk to bones and muscles, these also eradicate disorders which reduce appetite and slow down digestion and absorption. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines for weight gain promote secretion of health promoting hormones which metabolize complex food items with ease, produce energy and support all the systems of the body.

Optimum functions of vital organs like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and colon are needed to stay fit and healthy, Ayurvedic herbal medicines for weight gain improve health and functions of these organs to maximize health and prevent build-up of toxins and other harmful agents which damage tissues and reduce weight. These are wonderful aids to curb psychological problems as well.


This herb is amazingly beneficial hormonal balancer which regulates and maintains healthy level of thyroid, growth, adrenal, testosterone, bile, insulin and many other hormones. This herb enhances energy levels, revitalizes organs, promotes faster growth of muscles and increases bone density. This herb is renowned Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain.


This herb is well-known for revitalizing properties. It improves functions of internal systems, supplement nutrients and improve body’s healing capacities. This herb is good for higher immunity as well.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli Remedy for Weight Gain

This herb rejuvenates organs of body by supplying antioxidants, curbs level of toxins, increases appetite, improves digestion and allows smooth absorption of nutrition in body. It is energy booster and increases support to systems of the body. This too is popular Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain.


This herb is nutritive and natural remedy for curing disorders like anaemia, sleeplessness, reduced appetite and poor blood flow, it promotes healthy hormonal balance and is well-known for promoting mental relaxation and calmness.


Jaiphal to Increase Muscles Mass

This is potent Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain. It has powerful properties to boost-up liver functions, increase bile secretion to metabolize fat and produce energy. It generates tissues at faster pace and strengthens organs and muscles of the body.

Kavach Beej

This herb is source of powerful and active antioxidants. It promotes smooth flow of blood by clearing blood vessels, protect tissues from ageing and harmful agents, and improve immunity and cardiac functions.


Sonth Remedy to Increase Body Weight

This is appetizer, curbs presence of acids, increases appetite, promotes secretion of bile and also regulates proper removal of waste matter. It is hormonal balancer and anti-toxin agent as well.

FitOFat Capsules

FitOFat capsules are perfect blend of all these Ayurvedic remedies to increase body weight. These possess other herbs as ingredients as well to provide holistic cure to the problem of thinness. The herbs present in these pills are Ayurvedic remedies for muscle mass. These increase appetite, supplement nutrients, generate muscle tissues and metabolize fat and protein faster to grow muscles and maintain supply of energy to them.

These supplements prevent muscle atrophy and also increase rate of bone tissue generation to provide denser bones. Ayurvedic remedies for muscle mass supplement iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium in abundance and support these minerals with other vitamins to improve bone density, and to grow muscle mass and keep muscular functions upbeat.

These Ayurvedic remedies to increase body weight convert fat into lean muscles and supplement fresh tissues to organs to improve their strength, performance and endurance. FitOFat capsules increase muscles mass naturally and also protect it from damages. These suppress toxins, free-radicals and chemicals in blood which damage muscles and make them weak, these also curb ill-effects of ageing and prevent muscular atrophy.

These supplements re-establish body’s mechanism of metabolizing food faster and generating muscle tissues, and keep muscles energized and strong to increase body mass naturally and safely. These provide healthy weight and stronger and fitter body.

Buy FitOFat Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements to Gain Weight and increase muscle mass naturally.

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