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Causes of Underweight and Ayurvedic Herbal Weight Gain Pills

Causes of Underweight and Ayurvedic Herbal Weight Gain Pills

Major Causes of Underweight

Healthy weight is of muscles and bones. People are unable to gain body-mass and healthy weight even after eating more and consuming fat generating foods. The actual problem lies somewhere else, inside the system of the body. Poor metabolism is one of the major causes of underweight. As long as body is unable to utilize the nutrition made available through diet, gaining weight is not possible. People trying to gain weight mostly ignore this fact and fail to gain results even after honest attempt. Faster metabolism digests food faster, it metabolizes fat faster to produce energy and generate lean muscle mass and also digest protein to build muscles.

Person gaining proper metabolism is able to generate tissues which strengthen organs and also bones and muscles to add bulk to the body. Poor liver functions are other common causes of underweight. Liver malfunctions slow down metabolism of fat and protein and also cause muscular atrophy. Liver’s poor performance also raises level of toxicity in blood.

When blood has higher toxin presence, it causes damage to organs, reduce supply of nutrition and make bones and muscles weak to reduce weight. Anemia is another one of the popular causes of underweight. Blood is unable to supply nutrition and oxygen to cells of the body which makes them die at rapid pace and cause weakness in organs and muscles. This also affects metabolism and leads to thinness and underweight.

Hormonal problems are also important causes of underweight. People not sleeping for proper duration, leading stressful life, suffering with psychological problems and taking medicines which disturb hormonal balance are common victims of underweight. Hormones are necessary for digestion of complex food items and absorption of nutrients to increase healthy weight.

Bile, insulin, adrenal and growth hormones are to name a few which have crucial role in determining one’s vitality and weight. Lesser level of these hormones causes poor sugar, fat and protein metabolism and also reduces absorption rate of nutrients and prevents weight gain. Hypothyroidism causes low level of thyroid hormones which are also causes of underweight. Lesser thyroid hormones deplete metabolism and absorption of nutrition and also slowdown cellular functions to promote leanness.

Diabetes and kidney malfunctions are also causes of underweight. Sugar is necessary for energy production.Poor sugar metabolism means lesser energy in body and poor functions of bodily systems. Kidney toxicity raises level of toxins and slowdown reabsorption of protein to cause thinness and muscular atrophy. Poor colon functions, intestinal functions and lesser digestive enzymes too are causes of underweight. These issues raise problems like bloating, hyperacidity, flatulence, etc., and reduce dietary intake. Lesser diet provides lesser nutrition and prevents body from gaining mass and weight.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Weight Gain Pills to Increase Mass

FitOFat capsules are herbal weight gain pills capable of handling all the possible causes of underweight and provide fast results. These Ayurvedic pills for weight gain improve metabolism by increasing enzymatic activities. These herbal weight gain pills contain herbs which are wonderful in cleansing liver and promoting its functions.

Healthy liver produces bile and maintains healthy assimilation and synthesis of protein and sugar and fat metabolism to promote energy production and build muscles. These herbal weight gain pills also possess herbs which speed-up the process of bone and muscle tissue generation. Higher production of bone tissues makes bones healthier, denser and stronger and also increases muscle mass. These herbs convert fat into lean muscles and provide healthy weight of muscles and bones to increase body-mass.

Ayurvedic pills for weight gain protect tissues from damages as well. These supplement anti-toxins and antioxidants which protect tissues from damage and ageing and also open-up blocked blood vessels to enhance flow of nutrition all over the body. Herbal weight gain pills improve digestion and also regulate complete and smooth removal of waste matter to prevent toxin build-up in digestive system.

FitOFat Ayurvedic Pills for Weight Gain

These treat issues like indigestion, flatulence, bloating, acid formation and constipation that can reduce diet and promote toxin build-up. These improve colon functions and intestinal activities to digest food faster, absorb nutrition and remove waste matter regularly. All these benefits of Ayurvedic pills for weight gain make them most suitable supplements to gain healthy weight and cure leanness.

FitOFat Ayurvedic pills for weight gain bring back healthy hormonal secretion. These maintain optimum level of health promoting hormones to increase metabolism and promote smooth absorption of nutrients for bone and muscle growth and to make organs healthier and stronger. Hormonal balance promoted by herbal weight gain pills increase energy levels and keep a person active and mentally sharp and alert.

Ayurvedic pills for weight gain improve immunity so that body stays free from disorders and diseases and prevent growth of infectious agents and allergens. These capsules can increase appetite and regulate healthy eating pattern. These prevent untimely hunger and also curb presence of harmful hormones which can wipe-off sleep and cause psychological issues like anxiety, nervousness, etc. These are suitable for men and women of all ages and can be used for prolonged duration.

Buy Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules to Increase Muscle Mass in Men and Women.

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