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Causes of Pimples and Ayurvedic Herbal Acne Pills

Causes of Pimples and Ayurvedic Herbal Acne Pills

Major Causes of Pimples

Young age is reckoned as age of pimples and pustules over face. These are also considered as mark of boys and girls achieving puberty. Hormonal changes in young bodies of boys and girls make sebaceous glands overactive to produce more sebum, which if gets blocked due to blocked skin pores and gets accumulated beneath skin can form a pustule or pimple after getting infected with bacteria.

But this can happen to person of any age, not necessarily due to hormonal activity only, due to variety of reasons which are causes of acne and make this problem reoccur. Skin expels sebum through skin pores to keep its outer surface moist and flexible and also remove toxins which get accumulated in cells of lower layer of skin. Some people have natural tendency of expelling sebum in higher volume while other people having higher sebum secretion have oily skin.

Pimple forms when this sebum gets blocked beneath skin and people with oily skin have higher chances of blocked skin pores as oiliness of skin collects dust and pollutants which can block pores. But those people consuming poor diet, not taking proper care of skin, using harsh cosmetic products, staying out in sun for too long or suffering with poor digestion can also have blocked skin pores due to dead cells of skin. Excessive sebum secretion and blocked skin pores are causes of pimples. But all the factors which lead to excessive sebum and blocked pores are causes of acne and its reoccurrence.

At young age, hormonal changes are causes of acne as these stimulate sebum production but at later age, hormonal fluctuations due to sleep deprivation, alcoholism, medication, stress and other reasons are also causes of pimples. Fatty foods, slow digestion, irregular bowel movements or constipation, untimely eating and excessive beverages are also causes of pimples as these increase level of toxins in blood which can cause rapid cell death and block skin pores. Oily or dry skin, use of harsh soaps, creams and gels, and genetic factors are also popular causes of acne.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Acne Pills to Prevent and Cure Pimples

Lifestyle related factors also play a crucial role and can be potent causes of pimples. People spending too much time out in open expose their skin to sun and dry and hot air which causes dead skin layer and block flow of sebum. Excessive sweating allows skin to collect dust and other particles to block skin pores, and poor liver functions due to fatty liver or alcoholic damage allows toxins to flow in blood and so all of these are common causes of acne. Reoccurrence of pimples can make skin rough and dull, these can also cause scars and change complexion of skin or cause dark spots.

People often find pimples on face but these can occur at any part of body wherever sweat glands are dense like armpits, chest, etc. Keeping skin healthily moisturized that is neither too dry nor oily and free from bacteria and dust are the easy ways to avoid the problem of pimples, but in most of the cases these are not sufficient to deal with all the causes of pimples. Herbal remedies can handle all the causes and provide relief from pimples, and also improve skin’s health and complexion and lighten and remove marks, rough patches and scars over skin.

Golden Glow Capsules

Golden Glow capsules are Ayurvedic herbal acne pills which are collection of highly beneficial herbs. These herbs regulate over-activity of sebaceous glands to maintain sebum secretion in healthy volume and to prevent its build-up beneath skin and to suppress oiliness. Ayurvedic herbal acne pills also improve digestion and regulate healthy defecation.

This keeps digestive system clean and free from harmful toxins and also lower their presence in blood to protect skin cells. Ayurvedic herbal acne pills possess herbs which are rich sources of antioxidants. These compounds protect cells from oxidative stress caused due to ageing and also keep skin capillaries open by removing blockages.

Healthy flow of blood in skin capillaries keep skin cells nourished, maintain production of collagen fibres to keep it tight and also dissolve melanin deposition to improve its tone. Golden Glow capsules supplement anti-toxin herbs which curb presence of toxins in blood due to medication or consumption of harmful foods and drinks and also nullify the effects of harmful hormones which get released in blood during stressful and anxious conditions or due to sleep deprivation, etc.

Ayurvedic herbal acne pills curb bacterial activities and open-up blockages in skin pores to drain existing pimple quickly and safely. These prevent formation of marks and spots and also handle deep-rooted pimples efficiently to prevent formation of scars.

Ability to handle root causes of the problem makes these Ayurvedic herbal acne pills effective remedies to prevent reoccurrences of acne related problems. These are suitable for men and women of all ages and can be used without any medical prescription. These are safe for regular and prolonged use and extremely beneficial for gaining tighter and shinier skin which makes a person look younger than age.

Buy Golden Glow Ayurvedic Acne Pills To Get Rid Of Pimples Naturally.

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