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Causes Of Shighrapatan PE Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Causes Of Shighrapatan PE Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Major Causes Of Shighrapatan

The problem of early discharge is quite common and strain relationships. It hurts a male’s self-esteem by causing embarrassment in bed. Weak nerves are major causes of shighrapatan. But there are numerous causes, which can lead to weakness in nerves. Males suffering with health issues like diabetes or taking medicines for treating other disorders on regular basis are easy victims of weakness in nerves and face problem of PE. Alcoholism smoking, tobacco use and use of recreational drugs are other causes of shighrapatan, which are very common in all age groups. These habits strain nerves and make them weak. These also increase toxin presence in blood and damage organs to cause weaknesses and raise other disorders in the body.

Males leading lethargic lifestyle, suffering with high cholesterol or obesity, or leading too straining lifestyle are also victims of weakness in nerves, which cause problem of PE. Poor diet is also one of the major causes of shighrapatan as it can cause weaknesses in nerves, reproductive system and other organs of the body. Males not sleeping at proper timings or suffering with stress become physically and mentally weak to face different kinds of disorders including PE. Use of ITC medicines for treating various problems like sleeplessness and pain, etc., and use of steroids are also common causes of shighrapatan.

Many males are in habit of hand-practice. This unnatural way of gaining pleasure is highly addictive and males become too habitual of it. Regular practice damage nerves of male organ and make reproductive system lethargic and exhausted. These issues are severe causes of shighrapatan, as these can raise other sexual disorders, which can make a male impotent. Regular hand-practice along with damaging nerves also damage tissues and raise prostate gland problems. This practice also jumbles testosterone levels and harm testicular functions. Males can suffer with problem of ED, low semen volume, low sperm count and low libido, along with PE due to side effects of hand-practice.

Poor emotional status is another major cause of PE. Males unable to hold back their excitement discharge too early repeatedly. Many males cannot resist urge to unnecessary stimulation during the day through erotic material. This causes arousals without ejaculation and cause early discharge during lovemaking. Such males may also face problem of excessive precum, which can even prevent them from maintaining erection even without ejaculation and stop lovemaking before beginning. Males suffering with low libido, due to physical or psychological reasons also suffer with PE, as they take longer time to get aroused and later fail to control their excitement and discharge too early. Low libido and ED are also common causes of shighrapatan.

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Herbal Treatment For Shighrapatan Or PE

Combination of Lawax capsules and Vital M-40 capsules is highly beneficial ayurvedic treatment for shighrapatan. These herbal supplements possess herbs, which are nervine tonics. These herbs repair damaged nerves and energize entire nervous system of the body. Effects of these herbs improve male’s control over his discharge and prevent involuntary loss of semen. Herbal treatment for PE reverse damages caused to nerves by bad habits like hand-practice and even by health issues like diabetes. This ayurvedic treatment for shighrapatan maintain regular supply of nutrition and energy to nerves to keep them active during the day and during lovemaking, which maintain higher libido and allow male to discharge at his own will.

Ayurvedic treatment for shighrapatan also possesses herbs, which clear congested prostate gland and shrink it back to normal size. Clear and healthy prostate gland prevents fluid build-up and treat problems like excessive precum and thinning of semen, which bring PE. Some of the herbs used in this ayurvedic treatment for shighrapatan are anti-inflammatory and diffuse swelling in prostate gland to relieve problem of early discharge. Herbal treatment for PE comes loaded with aphrodisiac herbs.

Lawax and Vital M-40 Capsules

These herbs are efficacious in elevating level of testosterone hormone. Optimum level of this hormone rejuvenates male reproductive system and makes it function at its peak level. It energizes nerves and also repair damaged tissues to promote strong erections and hold them for longer duration. This hormone is vital for male’s potency and eliminates problems like low libido, ED and low semen volume, which are also causes of PE.

Males need optimum energy levels in body in order to stay away from problems related to reproductive system. Herbal treatment for PE takes care of male’s vitality and heightens energy levels by supplementing nutrients in bio-available form. Ayurvedic treatment for shighrapatan removes deficiencies and increase rate of energy producing reactions. The herbs dilate blood vessels, so that male reproductive system gets regular supply of nutrition and oxygen and recover from debilities and weaknesses.

Herbal treatment for PE generates tissues at faster pace and makes organs of male genital region strong and responsive. Herbal treatment for PE possesses herbs, which improve a male’s emotional status and impart him ability to control his excitement. These also allow him to stay away from unnecessary stimulation during the day to prevent early discharge during lovemaking. The all-round benefits of these supplements improve a male’s vitality, nerve functions and prostate functions to bless a male with renewed potency and virility.

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